WWW.Sportsignings.Com are one of the UK's leading football autograph dealers, we don't tell you what organizations we are involved in & we don't tell you what wonderful contacts we have at respective clubs - we simply show you more photographic and video proof than anyone else in the industry! Authenticity is everything in our eyes! Are you tired of trawling through ebay trying to work out what's real and what's not? A flashy COA and a promise of authenticity, is that good enough? We don't think so.

Signed football memorabilia in recent years has become a big industry in the UK and here at Sport signings we aim to help you get that cherished autograph. We travel around the World to obtain our signatures "in person" & only as this is the only way we can absolutely guarantee that the signature you buy is genuine....ask us when and were an autograph was obtained and we can tell you. We take our autographs very seriously as most honorable sellers do and are often happy to talk openly about our favorite topic.We will however refuse to act as judge and jury over other dealers signatures so please don't ask us to authenticate products.

We are not the cheapest in the business but can guarantee that all our autographed football shirts and photos are 100% authentic! If you are looking for a particular signature from the football World perhaps we can help, simply pick up the phone or email....If you want tips on buying signatures please visit our buyers guide on the left which is there to help you spot a fake Sports autograph. If you ask us to authenticate or value signatures we will politely refuse-what other people do is non of our business

If you need to see close up images of products or signatures on any of the items on this site we will be more than happy to email...remember never be embarrassed to ask a seller were and when a signature was obtained! Please note however we are out and about 3-4 days a week getting signatures so occasionally there may be a slight delay in returning emails. Why not join our Facebook page and keep up to date on were we are in the country and who we are stalking! We are based in Southport in the North West of England and started trading in Sports autographs around 2004 after becoming disillusioned with the amount of fake sporting autographs on the internet.

We recognized that the only way to distinguish the honorable sellers from the bogus ones is with the help of photographic proof. So many football memorabilia dealers (Especially on ebay) have all these wonderful products but never prove they are real. In recent years some of the clever fakers accompany there products with photo proof but use the same proof over and over again...BE AWARE AND INVEST WISELY!

You just have to spend time learning about the industry.....dont buy blind! There is a small group of genuine autograph dealers but unfortunately we are drowned out by all the bogus ones who deal in FAKES! Ask questions, hunt around. Please note we do not supply the photo of the Sporting star in question signing or holding up the product. We use this simply to establish authenticity. Autograph collecting is a great hobby just be careful and choose your dealer carefully. Many people are choosing to invest in autographs, just make sure your not investing in rubbish.

Sportsignings specialize in signed photo's, canvas shirts andprints. We are based in the North West of England so target teams and players that visit this area. We probably stock more authentic Liverpool Champions league memorabilia than any other sellers although once you spend 5-10 minutes on our product pages we have a decent range of most teams. Football memorabilia signed football shirts signed soccer photos signed football shirts football memorabilia signed balls golf rugby athletics darts box music film tennis cricket and Horse racinging.