On August 5th 2010 at the San Jose Copper-gold mine in Chile 33 miners found themselves trapped underground in a news story that gripped the World. All 33 were rescued and brought to the surface in what proved to be a record 69 days underground! The Chilean miners recently attended Old Trafford as guests of Manchester United and Sportsignings caught up with the South American heroes to autograph the miners hats you see above.

Each miner has autographed the hats with a nice "take your time" signature and many added little messages and the number that they were brought to the surface in a dramatic rescue that was watched by millions. Not sure there is anything like this on the market and as usual Sportsignings have obtained these "in person" so we can tell you when and were they were signed. Each hat will also come with one of our lifetime double money back certificates of authenticity.

The Chilean miners proved to be real gentlemen when we met them at there City Centre hotel. Many joked and put on the hats for the "proof" photos and although non of them spoke any English they were all obliging and happy to sign for us

£69.95 SOLD