Timmy Simons FC Brugge Europa League shirt signed and worn/issued by the experienced Belgium international. No match details but a lovely shirt. Has almost two layers with like a net inside the shirt and has been autographed by the man himself accross the number. £99.95 SOLD


Cech Republic national football shirt worn/issued to number 12 for the game on 10th September 2008. After a little searching on the internet see the game finished 0-0 but cant see who wore number 12. Do you your homework and this shirt might just represent a bargain.... £69.95 SOLD


Steven Pienaar South Africa shirt issue/worn shirt. No match details but smells musty and has tiny mud specs on the front. Given to us by the man himself at Finch Farm when we obtained autographs from the Everton star man. We have been asking him for a shirt for a while and this time he went in his boot and tossed us the shirt above, Very rare to see international shirts of this quality £299.95 SOLD


Gomes PSV issue/worn shirt. No match details and been laundered but a huge heavy shirt and Dutch badges etc all present £84.95 SOLD


Mikael Lustig Rosenborg worn/issue shirt likely to be used/worn against Club Brugge Europa league. Swedish defender capped by his country and shirt been laundered. £79.95 SOLD


Hamburger SV Chrisantus match shirt. Unknown if shirt worn/issue but used in a UEFA game againgst Manchester City and been laundered. Nigerian international £79.95 SOLD


PSV Vayrynen match shirt. Unknown if shirt worn/issue and been laundered. Sweden World Cup player £29.95 CODE: WORNSEDISHWORLD



Bak Olympic Lyon shirt. Game and season unknown and shirt been laundered. unknown if worn or issued. £19.95 SOLD


Eirik Bakke former Leeds United defender worn/issue against Liverpool in 2008 Europa League. Brann Noregian club sie. Shirt been laundered and no other history on shirt available £59.95 SOLD


Genk Belgium shirt worn in a unknown game by Dimitri De Conde. Shirt laundered £14.95 SOLD


Hoffenheim Bundesliga club 2008 worn/issue shirt, no game details available. Salihovic is a highly regarded attacking midfielder who represents Bosnia and is club captian and player of the year for the new German Bundesliga club £39.95 CODE: SALIHOVIC



Match issue PSV shirt. £69.95 Lovely shirt with all the relevant badges etc Little known about this shirt. Signed "All the best" on the front SOLD


Match issue Owen Hargreaves Bayern Munich Champions League shirt. Believed to be from Manchester United game 2001/02 season. £249.95 SOLD has all the relevant Champions League patches/badges etc Has the number 4 on Champions League badge!


Athirson Bayer Leverkusen match issue shirt. Laundered with all the relevant Bundesliga badges etc £39.95 CODE: MATCH WORN ATH BAYERN