"It seems that the only tool an honorable seller has over a faker now days is photo or video proof...in a cynical & corrupt industry the paying customer is simply demanding more!" A sad indictment that sums up the current feeling in the UK memorabilia market

Here at Sportsignings we work tirelessly to offer only real autographs. We can tell you where and when each of our items was signed. We call that “In-person” and it means we witness the item being signed and can give you an exact location of the signing & the circumstances surrounding where and when the item was signed. Sportsignings strives to document each of our celebrity encounters with photo or video evidence of encounter.By providing proof of our celebrity meetings and only selling autographs that we witnessed being signed in-person, we separate ourselves from the many unscrupulous autograph dealers who are flooding the marketplace with forged autographs. Here at Sportsignings we know that celebrity autographs are not easy to obtain and when they are obtained, it is generally in extremely limited quantities. The high selling prices commanded by these items reflect and compensate for the difficulty in obtaining these signatures in-person directly from the personalities & we believe that all customers should be informed and educated with the facts about the autograph industry, whether you choose to buy your memorabilia through us or another company.

We are based in Southport in the North West of England and started trading in Sports autographs in 2003. We became disillusioned with the amount of fakes on the market and wanted to try and offer Sports enthusiasts authentic memorabilia with continual photo or video proof. We recognized that the only way to distinguish the honorable sellers from the bogus ones was with the help of photographic proof. So many football memorabilia dealers (Especially on ebay) have all these wonderful products but never prove they are real

We visit training grounds, press conferences,football stadia and airports in our search for autographs as well as holding arranged commercial signings with footballers.

Ebay has opened up an otherwise untouched and niche industry to the masses, but unfortunately here lies the dangers. Sportsignings estimates over 90% of football signatures on the internet are fake! Please visit our Buyers Guide for more hints and tips on buying autographed memorabilia

Sportsignings offers more photographic proof than any of our competitors and have now taken it one step further in offering video proof...this is short video files showing actual real time footage of your piece of memorabilia being signed. ....

When we started in the memorabilia business we had an open door in terms of who we bought from and quickly realised that the only way to pass on a signed product to the public and sell it with complete confidence is if we actually get the piece signed in person. We travel mainly in the UK trying to cover all the main Sporting events as well as European trips to Spain, Italy & France etc

Please note we do not supply the photo of the Sporting star in question signing or holding up the product. We use this simply to establish authenticity.

Sportsignings is a Limited Company. Our aim is to try and offer new products through the site on a daily basis but as we are out collecting the stock 2-3 days a week this isn't always easy. We use ebay as a selling tool and try and offer as much signed memorabilia on there as possible time permitting.

The memorabilia market is set to get bigger and bigger over the next few years and pieces of signed memorabilia with photographic proof and detailed history always mark a sound investment. Signed shirts or photo's of your Footballing hero can become real talking points once up on the wall in your home or office and nothing better relives that special goal or memory!

We try and offer a decent range of signed memorabilia starting with all your obvious English teams, footballing legends like Platini, Maradona, Pele, Beckenbauer etc, national teams and top European clubs amongst many others. We are also starting to touch on other Sports including Snooker, Cricket and Tennis.

Authentication is becoming a huge part of the business, when looking for signed products ask a seller were a piece has come from, any proof etc. Remember its up to the seller to prove to the buyer that the piece in question is real, not the other way round.

Signed football memorabilia makes for a great Wedding gift to the groom or best man, a unique and cherished gift unlike any other. If interested in ordering anything simply follow the "Ordering" section. You can find us on ebay under user name photo_proof Simply click link to go there right now!

Make Sportsignings.Com your first stop for that hard to find authentic football autograph! Some of the press coverage Sportssignings has had over the years.