Interested in buying a Sports memorabilia business right at the top of the industry? Sport signings Limited could be yours, sale Includes...

  • *Full stock - Retail £200,000
  • *Website - Top 3 on Google for most teams and players
  • Impeccable industry reputation
  • 7500+ social media followers
  • Established 2002 - Loyal customer base
  • eBay account 5300 feedback 100% feedback
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  • Inside knowledge on how to obtain autographs
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  • 15 years worth of industry contacts

Sportsignings started selling autographs via eBay 12 years ago born from a passion of collecting. During this period the owner of a memorabilia business in Chester was convicted of fraud for selling forgeries and the autograph game took a new, fresh and transparent change. The public rightly became hugely suspicious of the industry and demanded to know that what they were buying was 'without question' the real deal. At Sportignings we made a decision that everything we offered on our website would be accompanied with photographic or video proof and it was with this approach that our business grew.

Over the years we have built up a huge portfolio of autographs from the football
world and have stock of most players and teams as well as covering all the big names in other recognized sports. More importantly Google searches consistently displays our products right at the top of a search and if not at the top we always appear on the first page.. In many examples it comes above eBay! Can you use that level of online presence within you're business?

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Trade Sportsignings

Autographed memorabilia is becoming a huge business, a photo that was actually held and signed by the your Sporting hero offers huge collectable value to hobbyist and enthusiasts alike. In a growing market place memorabilia has grown considerably over the years with the likes of the 1966 England winning football team, European glory for Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool, England's Rugby World Cup triumph & London 2012 to name but a few - it seems everyone want to own a little piece of there favorite Sporting moment. An autograph does just that - a moment in time froze in the form of a signature on a memorable image!

Once business develops we are able to help you with the photo proof on a particular item you have bought from us. We can email or print out a high quality image of the Sportsman in question signing that piece so that you are able to show your customer real authenticity. Often in a retail environment the photographic proof can be the clincher in the sale and in a market place that consists of over 80% FAKE this is the all important area.

So what trade prices can we offer? Like anything discounts apply to the size of orders. Many items on this web site are one off's, signatures are becoming so hard to get from the big names that sometimes value is based on many factors. How many signatures did we get from the star in question? what is the quality of the signature like? did we get proof? was there any smudging on the signature? what were our travel costs? what is the current market value at that time for that player? all things done we try to offer a fair price so that you have a fair chance of re-sale after framing etc

So many people jump into this industry using eBay as there main supply, a dangerous start in a perilous yet rewarding industry. Spend time learning about the industry, visit trade shows, talk to people in the know. The buying public are becoming more and more knowledgeable about the business and are demanding detailed history or photo proof to help establish authenticity, and why wouldn't they? Autographs suit gift shops, work well in framing shops, busy shopping centres and tourist hot spots.

Were do we get our signed memorabilia from? We obtain our autographs in person which means we don't buy from third parties, we are out on street level getting signatures from training grounds, press conferences, team hotels, airports, matches & players commercial appearances. We also work very closely with a number of ex players and obtain signatures in a "private signing" environment.

Perhaps you are organizing a Charity or Sportsman's dinner and need help with auction prizes. We can offer ready to go framed pieces at sensible money with potentially huge mark up for your night. Once we build a business relationship we are able to offer certain pieces on a sale or return basis-how can you lose? If you organise Sportsman's dinner and are looking for top quality Sports Memorabilia Sportsignings can help. Tell us your audience and we can help discuss what pieces are likely to work on your night.

Worth remembering though that in terms of future value a signed piece will hold its money or in many cases increase if it has come from a reputable source. What is a Pele signed shirt worth in 10 years time when the only providence you have is a COA (Certificate of authenticity) from a kid that threw one together on his home PC and has ceased trading on ebay a long time ago? The answer-worthless. There are some great autograph people in the UK and some fantastic authentic memorabilia about. Our advice is just be careful and learn about the autograph business before you dive in. Its a great industry to get involved in but a long and painful battle against the FAKERS!

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